Lebanon, Oregon
Cascade Christmas Lights

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I have been addicted to decorating for Christmas since I was a kid. We used to have a race with the neighbors who would get their lights up first!

As I got older, I became the light putter upper. I loved it and always wanted to go bigger and have the best display. When Christmas Vacation came out, I could relate to Clark Griswold.

My Mom was the catalyst for it all. No one loved Christmas more than her. She made it so festive and fun. She knew the real meaning of Christmas, love.

Mom passed away January 2010, and that Christmas was very difficult for the whole family as she was in the hospital and not able to enjoy it.

I have a disease, and it is called CLAP - Christmas Light Addiction Problem! I once decorated my dog, so I guess that kind of makes my point.

I want to thank my very good friend George for a lot of help and support over the years - we could not have done it without him and his geeky farmer ingenuity! George and I talked about doing this for several years, and now I have created a monster in him!

Also a big thanks to the Owings Family who has really helped out this year and have offered to help more next year and get started earlier!

A HUGE thank you to John Ongers from Pacific Power on helping us get our big lighted balls in the 50ft Blue Spruce!

I also have to give a big thanks to my father who was the best dad in the world and taught me so much about computers and electronics and doing geeked-out projects like this, before they were trendy!

We hope you enjoy the display and our website, it was
created for your enjoyment!

Paul Aziz

Our Lighting Display is dedicated to our Mom, Natalie. Without her, we would not know the true meaning behind Christmas.

We hope you can see the lights from up there Mom!